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The Red Sea, where the desert meets the ocean, is truly one of the planet's most exotic and fascinating natural seascape environments.

NOORAYA is specialized in organizing Dolphin trips from all over Europe to the crystal clear Red Sea in Egypt, our main destination being "Sataya", the Dolphin Reefs, where our guests enjoy the opportunity of swimming with Dolphins in their natural environment.

The Dolphin Reefs

Our Dolphin trips will take you at one of the world largest and most beautiful reefs called "Dolphin Reefs" where the boat will anchor for 6 to 10 days. Several pods of Long Snout Spinner Dolphins come every day to the Reefs to rest and play, granting us the experience of swimming alongside us, sometimes playing with us, always generously offering us their joyful and loving presence.

The Red Sea

The Red Sea holds beneath its crystal blue surface an oasis of living creatures, reefs, and coral formation. Therefore, Nooraya organizes diving trips throughout some of the most beautiful diving sites of the Red Sea, inviting our divers to discover its underwater marvels! Contrary to dolphin trips, the boat makes several stops during the week at the major and most beautiful sites in and around the Dolphin Reef (Sataya).


NOORAYA also invites you to combine the magical experience of the dolphins in Sataya with a visit to one of the most beautiful ancient sites of the area: the city of Luxor. Discover the wonders of Ancient Egypt while also enjoying the colorful local treasures of Egyptian life today is what Nooraya's team offers you with this 15 days combined trip.

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